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Fandango Comments On If CM Punk Will Return To WWE, Reveals Best Advice He’s Received

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Get your flair here! These communities are not moderated by the SquaredCircle moderator team. Punk threatened to leave the WWE with the title. It was rated 5 stars youtu. This match really was a perfect storm situation. Cm punk was red hot in , and the fact the match was in Chicago, not only his home town, but one of the most notoriously hot crowds around, really made this one special.

The stars really all aligned to make this a classic. It actually was a five star match given the year it took place. Not even NJPW had any 30 minute match of this caliber that year.

They were floundering there for a while. Don't inflate their importance in because they are the hot thing now. Seriously, was an horrible year. Shawn Michaels Streak vs. I really enjoyed Batista's final heel run with his spotlight gimmick though. That was in wasn't it?

His day reign was his second WWE title reign. I was very new to wrestling then and heart broken that Rey won the title and lost it immediately. I think it's widely accepted that it's because the WWE is incompetent at giving the fans what they want.

I remember reading a while ago that Rey was hurt and the WWE paid him a lot for being a transitional champion anyways. Not sure how true this is. If that's the case, why put it on Rey in the first place only to have the guy you've been pushing as your top babyface pull the biggest heel move and challenge him the same night after he already had a match?

All it did was piss off fans and made Cena even more hated than he was at the time - which shouldnt be happening for your top babyface.

Punk was supposed to be "gone" making appearances like the one at comic-con much longer than he was. I think Del Rio was supposed to cash in on Rey with the rematch happening at SS but that's pure speculation on my part.

My source for the above is as legit as sources go. That would have been great. If they did that now, Punk could have shown up at an Evolve show which would have been wild.

I think it's widely accepted that it's because the WWE is incompetent at giving the fans smarks what they want. In a span of years where ratings, PPVs, and house show attendance just keeps going lower and lower and lower every year! That CM Punk return was epic though. Like what the fuck were they thinking?

So weird that they never did John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio on PPV. It's such an obvious matchup and they were on the same roster in their primes for years. It's a shame their Raw match gets overshadowed by the bizarre booking, because it's a really great match.

It would've set the iwc ablaze with speculations. After Summerslam Punk returns and at Night of Champions him and Cena fight for the undisputed championship. No Kevin Nash, Triple H bullshit. But you don't get it! I'm Triple H, I'm the game, if you're wrestling with me, you are the main event!

Seriously, I don't know when we will discover it from the mouths of the devils, but it's pretty obvious Triple H wanted to ruin Punk's angle. They hated his look, called him too small and his only ally in management was Paul Heyman. Even those with the strongest memories of The Kliq wouldn't have predicted this angle culminating in a Triple H vs. I wonder if Triple H says or believes he made Cena a star in Considering the size of his ego, anything is possible.

I'd think being a Cena fan would make you hate it more. Why would you have your top babyface win the title in such an unfair way. Anyways, I love this match, but in my opinion their February match-up on Raw was just a hair better. I feel it's because Punk beating Cena felt like something really special at the time.

Cena beating Punk was just a footnote for twice in a lifetime. The Raw match is considered to be better wrestled, but the other aspects of the MitB match put it over the top. Vince should have on air debated for a few weeks making an interim champion then finally caving and you get Cena v Rey in the actual tourney finals. You can still have Del Rio cash in on the winner, lets say Cena.

Cena v Mysterio was enough of a dream match to carry its part of Summerslam. Yeah, this angle is one of the biggest wasted opportunities in company history. Add to that the fact that they introduced Kevin fucking Nash into it and you have a disaster. Yup they did that and the cubs game in that short window IIRC but so much more gold could be there. Get on talk shows talking about being a free agent.

They were gettinf so much buzz outside of wrestling at the time and squanderes for del rio cash in and text messages with Nash. I was holding out hope at the time he would defend the belt on an Indy show. ROH would have been dope. At the time WWE didn't have the relationship with the Indys they have now though. I was really hoping to see Punk with the belt at a couple indy shows before he came back. The return pop would have been immense.

I love both to be perfectly honest. I like cult of personality better as an overall song, but I think the other one suits Punk better. I feel part of the reason why when Punk came back some of the electricty was gone is because HHH wasn't quite as good a foil as Vince. Twice in a lifetime was such needless BS. Even if you want Cena to get his heat back from Rock, then sure you can still have him pin the Great One.

Then you have the added wrinkle of Punk not being pinned, and continuing the story after Rocky walks away. Stopped again last wrestlemania and keep up just via this sub. With TNA benefiting from superb writing and a great direction under Cyrus now and ROH firing on all cylinders with All In around the corner Summerslam may be my last straw before I make that switch again.

I stopped watching all wrestling in 09, just because they signed Bryan Danielson. I was sure they'd bury him and eventually buy all ROH and every indie and ruin everything.

Came back last year and while I can't catch up to everything, looking up some of these big moments I missed is fun and helpful. I'm surprised you lasted past HHH going over punk for no reason. Pipebomb got me back in, HHH winning turned me right back off again cause it gave me flashbacks to until Daniel Bryan's big run in This whole summer was just full of outstanding booking.

Money in the bank js all around the best booked show of wwe this decade. People forget Bryan winning the mitb was shocking, Del rio with his interesting almost cash in plus him eventually cashing in at summerslam. Also the Orton Christian match was phenomenal. Summer of was really a fun time to be watching wwe. Fall of got a little murky but I think got sorted out by survivor series. Punk was the guy I was invested when I first started to like wrestling in Was disappointed he was getting buried with New Nexus and then he becomes of the top guys.

I feel if Punk stayed he could just do a Jericho schedule and take breaks since he was so burnt out by Maybe main eventer WM 32 with everyone injured. Roman vs Punk sounds good. I know it's kind of a basic answer, but if someone asked me what my all-time favorite wrestling match is, it may very well be this one. This was around when a friend of mine was trying to get me back into wrestling and I'd really only ever watch Punk stuff, and to this day I'll find myself watching this one and getting worked by some of the near-falls and spots in this match.

You'd think he was Beerus with how little he tried for all three rounds. Surprised he didn't piss in the corner and take a nap just to really rub it in. Also, even his stamina wasn't great and that's something he could train and make a difference with. This fight in my opinion was worse than the first fight because CM Punk was so bad the dude was toying with him and he actually had some experience under his belt.

It reminded me of one of those fights you got into growing up were you didn't really want to hurt the kid but you had a reputation so you still had to rough him up. Also what happened to his cardio? Remember the CM Punk documentary? It was stressed that he liked to run a lot. I was running 5 to 10 km almost daily, but when I went back to do judo training after almost a year off, i was gassed within 5 minutes of sparring.

Punk was one of the better storytellers in the ring. He could use that to have great matches. He was never very athletic, but he would consistently put on great matches. Pro wrestling allows for more versatility and individuality which is less apparent in MMA.

Wrestlers tend to be some balance of athlete and actor. Punk was definitely an actor who was just athletic enough to pass. This is a something a lot of people don't talk about enough. Punk was one of the all-time great all-around performers in wrestling history, but it was never due to any natural athleticism.

He always looked sorta clumsy in the ring, he never had that fluid skill that people like AJ or Bryan have. Punk got to be as good as he was simply by working harder than everyone else and being so dedicated to it that he could overcome his physical shortcomings. He thought he could do the same in MMA.

And if he had started earlier in life and started doing that instead of wrestling, hey who knows, maybe he could have. But the mountain was just too steep to climb.

You can't start in your mids, after 2 decades of wrestling miles already on your body, and have a prayer of competing with the most elite fighters in the world. I wouldn't say bryan has natural athleticism at all either. But he isn't an athlete like someone like ziggler. I am not a ziggler fan at all, but you can see the dude is a very good athlete just watching him work.

Styles and HBK dont have extensive athletic backgrounds Maybe they do but I wasnt aware but anyone can see they are really athletic people. And a small amateur background in high school as well as high school football. He's been athletic his whole life. Punk was a nerdy punk rock kid who played videogames.

His background is closer to most people on this sub than guys like Brock or Bobby Lashley. In fairness, his ego is transcendent and he believes his own hype, that goes a long way into making you step into a field other than the one you're known for. I'm not surprised that he did become such a fan of himself considering how hyped he was even before WWE. First 5 star match outside of Japan in 7 years and 5 star matches were few and far between back then , constant praise by every website that covers wrestling and indy fans.

He was a great talker even back then and stood out even among other top indy guys. It's a trip to look up old wrestling discussions from his pre summer of punk days and look how often people talk about him being buried and underutilized. After 10 years of people telling him he's the best, I'm not surprised he believed it.

Just looking at the way Punk moves in the ring is entirely different to the way an athlete coming in moves. They plant their feet, they spring when they run, they're graceful with their footwork. Punk just never had any of this. It's not like it can't be taught but forgetting the way you move and learn an entirely new skill from the ground up at Punk's age after living wrestling for so long is just nigh on impossible.

It just never looked like he fit. People praised a lot about Punk during training but it never translated to the actual octagon. He just never looked like he had a chance. Triple H said it best, he's a skinny fat guy. For someone that trained for a professional fight in the UFC I was expecting to see him in better shape.

Not saying he had to pack on a bunch of muscle or get ripped to shreds, but at least have the cardio to be able to be somewhat effective. My question as an outside observer is how did someone so obviously an amateur get licensed to fight as a pro? Athletic Commissions are corrupt as all fuck. So you can literally say "Hey, I wanna fight.

Hell, even if you can't prove you're not gonna die, they'll still let you fight. Look at Dada and Kimbo Slice, one of them literally had a heart attack in the Octagon, and the other one looked like he was pretty fucking close too.

That didn't stop Dada from fighting in a cage for a different promotion and he nearly died. He had cardiac arrest, severe dehydration, fatigue, and renal failure. See it for yourself, folks. It ain't pretty, roll the footage. And because Slice was on death's door by that point, his next fight was scheduled for England where there's no commission.

That was was still on the day he died. Hell, England might have been OK with it after Slice's death. I actually didn't know Kimbo Slice died. I have to wiki him now. I remember him around or so. Yeah, I watched the fight, I felt like I was on a meth bender, because I was sat there thinking "Did that actually happen, or is this a lucid dream?! Pro Wrestling was under the jurisdiction of the Athletic Commissions until Vince said "It's all fake". So, to put it into perspective, a competitor in a "legitimate sporting endeavour" can pick up a steel chair, brain his opponent with it, and the Commission would not have a problem with it.

Because the Commissions were taking their slice off the top. Vince decided that he would rather expose the business instead of dealing with State Athletic Commissions. Let that one sink in. Yeah he probably would have. Just would have been a lot longer before his first fight. I blame Roufusport too.

They KNOW his skill level and how he fights. They knew he wasn't ready, and never should have allowed that fight to take place. At one point they yelled at him to sweep and he didn't seem to know what that meant, or he wasn't physically capable of doing it. Skills have a way of disappearing once you get in the cage and the other guy starts punching you in the face.

You either need to be a masochist or have years of experience competing as an amateur to reprogram the natural fight or flight response to keep your wits and access your skills when you're in an actual fight. Could he have been surrounded by yes men who were just in it for the payday? I could see Phil being a terrible student who is too stubborn to follow instructions. It isn't because he's the most skilled belt or striker. It's because he's an absurd athlete.

He won a lot of his fights on athleticism as a primary tool. Brock did the same thing fighting guys who were well above his skill level. Saying "I've never seen a guy less suited for UFC" is about accurate. Punk has no business fighting there. His fights have been a complete and total farce in every way. He had about years of training on and off now. With a pretty damn good camp as well. And he still looked THAT bad against someone who was cherry picked for him to look good against.

That's just other worldly awful. I truly hope the guy quits. He got his face BROKE in that fight, which I always figured he would if he fought someone who wanted to keep it on the feet.

At this point it's a health thing. A guy his age taking these beatings is immensely foolish. Because there's no real reason for it. There's easier ways for him to make a buck. And beyond that, what is he "proving"? He keeps doing these hard work, dreams, etc speeches but what the fuck have you actually accomplished? Humiliated on PPV twice. It's complete and total delusion and fans shouldn't be inspired by that.

Professional fighting is serious shit and requires tools that you either have or you don't. And it's not an insult to say he doesn't belong or he's out of place.

In the case of Brock, he's a national champion; only Olympians are better than him at wrestling. Combine that with his freak athleticism, and he can fight in the upper echelons of the division despite having a giant hole in his stand up game. His only real weakness was the giant holes in his intestines. He has zero athletic background. Brock not only was a national champion, he also left wrestling and came pretty fucking close to making an NFL team with very minimal experience.

THAT is an athlete. Punk should have never been anywhere near the octagon. Seth Rollins could probably kick the shit out Punk with zero training.

Simply because the man is highly athletic. Punk went about it all wrong. And more importantly, who will ever hire his coach seeing how unprepared Punk was after years of training? God at times I thought he could've literally got killed in there, those spinning kicks were a joke exposing him to all kinds of devastating offense. He's been training for 4 years. He's a 39 year old man and he needs someone to tell him to cut his hair?

Maybe get the hint from the vast amount of clean cut professionals that train around him. Without hyperbole, CM Punk ranks among the very worst fighters I have ever seen. This includes a guy born without arms and legs, and a guy who lost a fight via "submission due to fear". That fight was also interesting because he was deeply religious, and carried a cross to the octagon, like Kimo Leopoldo did at UFC 3 Son was Kimo's manager , the problem is, the cross was far too big for Joe, and he could barely carry it.

The great thing is, it basically ruined the concept of the McDojo. Because you had these guys claiming their martial art is the best, then they get put up against a Tank Abbott, who says "That shit's gay", but he's got a nuclear bomb of a right hand, and just killed that whole business.

He had nipple holes and everything! Also, I think we all know what the 4 good things about 3 Count were: Dude trained for fights by going to a bar, getting fucking turbo-hammered, telling his recently out-of-college girlfriend to watch his beer, then taunted the biggest dude in the bar to a slugfest. I think he was in prison when he first applied for the UFC. He claims they were scared of letting him in their against Royce, so they claimed "Can't allow you in with a criminal record", but then let him in when Royce quit after UFC 5.

Oddly enough, they were this close to signing Aleksander Karelin for UFC 4, because they wanted a big amateur wrestler for Royce to submit. The problem is, Karelin would have killed everybody, and the Gracie family were that worried, they were gonna pull Royce out, and put Rickson Gracie in his place.

Yeah, he was one of the early MMA Characters. Once, he fought whilst wearing a leopard print thong. Al Snow also had an encounter with him. He was Dan Severn's cornerman, and they were on the plane, and Kimo and Joe Son were at the back of the plane, talking about their bat shit religious beliefs. Son was basically saying "We WANT the plane to crash, because it means we go to the Lord early, this plane needs to go down so we can meet with the Lord! Then they hit some HUGE turbulence, and it was throwing the plane around, and they were saying "This must be it!

We're coming to the Lord!! When it was over, Snow turned round to them and say and I'm paraphrasing "Well! You guys quit believing real fucking quick! It was a pirate ship. Some guys who just made up their own martial arts just said "Yeah, I'm and expert in my own personally created martial art and I've won fights!

They start the fight, it was a fight with a "no closed fist" rule, so they fought using open palm strikes. When he was being interviewed by police, he said "I'm famous, I have a wikipedia page! He is currently serving life in prison in California for torture. And that's before you get to ALL of the rape and sodomy.

Oh and he murdered his cellmate. Also a little bit of vandalism. There's a guy who fought in the UFC who was born without arms and legs? How the hell did that work out? It had special rules, where he was always classed as "down", so his opponent couldn't kick. But the guy Kyle Maynard lost via Unanimous Decision. I don't think it was even counted on any records because it was classed as an exhibition. Yeah, Kyle Maynard said he wanted an experience. But his opponent is forever the guy who punched the guy with no arms or legs in the face.

For the record, there's a guy, Nick Newell, he has no arm. If he wins, he'll get a UFC contract. And that 1 is against one of the most amazingly violent also a D1 All American wrestler with great leg kicks, and heavy hands nutcases in the UFC, Justin Gaethje. Any fight he is in will make you a fan of the sport.

This is clearly just a publicity stunt in the lead up to a brand new Space Jam sequel featuring CM Punk and the rest of the Looney Tunes cast as they facilitate his return to Pro Wrestling after failing to make it in MMA! I'll owe you one. You would think in 4 years of training the one thing Roufusport could help him with would be the cardio.

They must have known he was a dead duck, I am now questioning if his gym was just trying to get whatever money they could from the guy. I doubt they trained him for that. Fight cardio is not the same as practice cardio. Nerves and adrenaline dump are things you only get used to with experience. Punk may be used to performing under the bright lights but he's definitely not used to doing it with the looming threat of being knocked stiff at any moment.

The gassing thing is what gets me too when it comes to Roufus. How do they not prepare him for that? It would seem he wasn't training as much as he wanted us to believe, you can't do something for 4 years hardcore and make no improvement.

He should know how to shoot a takedown at least if his gameplan was going for a submission. Obviously age and genetics and general un-athleticness are the main issue, I mean look at Yoel who is older than Punk, its like two different species the virgin Punk vs Chad Romero. Punk was never going to be good, but I didn't think he'd be this bad the second time around, he had absolutely nothing for a MMA journalist.

My favorite part of the fight was when Joe Rogan insinuated that Jackson might be in on a fix for the fight. Joe couldn't backpedal from that statement quick enough.

Somebody put a huge money line bet on him and on a decision. Never forget, this "sport" and many sports are still about that gambling buck. I feel that although he showed heart and all that jazz, he also has a legacy of acting like a tough guy and an asshole to people in wrestling.

There's no reason I should ever feel like I could maybe fight this dude. This isn't Rocky, he didn't go toe to toe, he sucked.

Couldn't make it in UFC, he won't be able to make it in Bellator. Then people say "You wouldn't do any better", they're right, because I don't wake up one day and just decide to become professional fighter and go to UFC. There was a point in the fight where I expected Jackson to start doing the "quit hitting yourself" routine on Punk.

It was awful, I had to occasionally look away. This match definitely hurt the CM Punk brand. I almost looked at him like a wrestler who could probably really fight, but now I realize it was all bullshit.

Even going back and watch his matches, compared to the dudes we got today he was very sloppy in the ring. I think the love for CM Punk was his personality. He also had great mic skills, unique look, good psychology, nice moveset, and finally he was decent athlete, but he's getting a little old and he never even had propper pro wrestling training.


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